Sales Executive (Dutch speaking)

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Sales Executive (Dutch speaking)

Job description

What is Equalture

Equalture is a Dutch HR SaaS startup, founded in 2017 by twin sisters Charlotte and Fleur, because they believed the recruitment market should change radically. Our pre-selection technology helps you selecting the best applicant for the job and your company by predicting an applicant’s potential. Based on experience, personality and skills.


Our vision

Evaluating applicants based on a resume is outdated, incomplete and only focused on a bunch of jobs or degrees in the past. There’s so much more information applicants can provide you with that’s actually valuable – such as personality, cognitive skills and intelligence – because it tells you more about an applicant’s potential. It’s time for the recruitment market to wake up, embrace data and technology and stop basing hiring decisions purely on gut feeling and bias. Just to make sure you will never make a bad hire again.


About the job

We’re looking for a Sales Executive to join our team. It’s your job to generate, contact, negotiate with and close new leads - the sales cycle from the very beginning up to the end. You will be constantly improving your strategy to let new leads fall in love with our product just as desperately as we do. You’re not just selling a product; you’re selling an innovative and new way of handling recruitment. Therefore it’s equally important to really understand what companies fit our vision and goal to turn the recruitment market upside down.


These are things you will be doing on a regular day:


  • Qualifying potential leads;

  • Analyzing your strategy to be able to get in touch with your ICP-prospects;

  • Helping new leads identifying the key challenges in their recruitment practices;

  • Taking care of the first meeting (demo) and the follow-up;

  • Being responsible for the negotiations after the follow-up;

  • Working closely together with Customer Success to ensure that new clients will be turned into happy clients with the right support that fits their needs.


About you

You have some experience with sales in SaaS companies, so you will know how to make people fall in love with our product and show them how Equalture makes their life easier and more enjoyable. You’re empathic and constantly seeking for ways to make sure people understand both the ‘why’ and ‘how’. And the most important thing: both clients and colleagues love working with you.



  • You have experience with SaaS products;

  • You’re interested in getting to know the recruitment tech market and its innovations better;

  • You love closing deals (of course), but you love storytelling even more - because that’s what it’s all about when selling an innovation. So every closed deal means you’re getting better in telling your story.

What we offer

  • Learn from working in a company with international clients and ambitions;

  • The chance to experience the growth path of a SaaS startup with the aim to make a worldwide difference within five years;

  • The startup experience - responsibility, freedom/flexibility and enormously fast developments;

  • A competitive compensation package;

  • A Chromebook and mobile phone;

  • Drinks on Friday;

  • Occasional cuddle sessions with our Chief Happiness Officer (dog) Charlie ;

  • A culture where every win will be celebrated together - preferably with champagne!

We don’t expect you to stay with us forever. We just want to rock your career. Together with us. Ready for takeoff?