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We're shaping the world of unbiased hiring

by gamifiying the hiring process. 🎮

Meet our crew! We're lucky to have a team of amazing people who contribute to unbiased hiring every day. It's a tight-knit bunch that works and plays well together.

Working at Equalture is exciting and fun, never dull. Things move fast and we want to keep evolving. We want the world to be a place where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. Diversity, equality and inclusion is in our DNA and we want the world to live it too.

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Objective hiring

We are commited to make our hiring process as objective as possible. Despite the ruling of the Dutch government against the bill in favor of objective hiring, we've outlined our process here: Dutch and Eng.

Perks & Benefits

  1.  Sessions with our Chief Cuddle Officers 🐕

  2.  Unlimited paid holidays🏝️

  3. Home office budget 🏡

  4. Working on your health with OpenUp and ClassPass or Onefit 💪

  5. Personal L&D budget 📚

  6. Working for the #1 most diverse and inclusive company in the NL 🏳️‍🌈

  7.  Flexible office days/hours 🏢

  8.  Laptop 💻



We have partnered with our very own tool in order to ensure unbiased hiring decisions. Equalture has been certified by Equalture’s Certification Program as a Leader, as we have committed to an in-depth strategy to ensure equal employment opportunities, and have therefore been marked as an example for others.

For more information about this Program, click here.

Before you become part of our team...

  1. You apply on your dream job (be mindful that you get an invite to go through our assessments after you hit the apply button)
  2. We'll try to get back to you within 14 days 
  3. If your scores match our profile; let's talk! We'll schedule a first interview. 
    If your scores don't match - maybe another time.
  4. If we decide to proceed to the second interview, you'll get a case to make at home
  5.  For specific roles, there's an onsite third round. For all other roles: if we liked your case, we'll make you an offer (you hopefully can't refuse).
  6. Sign, sealed, delivered!

Our fastest process was within days ;) we're not saying that all processes go like this, but we understand your time is also valuable - so try to keep things moving as much as we can. 

  Oops! We're also biased, at least we make a podcast about it...